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Just give us a call and one of our experienced Business Brokers will set up a no cost
or obligation, confidential consultation. Click Here to find an office near you.

When I tried to sell my business my self, I ended up spending more time dealing with unqualified prospects than I was at running my business. After I listed it for sale with BIR, I only had to deal with pre-qualified buyers and my business sold in a fraction of the time I wasted trying to sell it myself Thank You BIR!

......Mr. Bill K. - former carwash owner

I tried to sell my small restaurant for almost a year and all I got was people trying to low-ball me. BIR found a buyer with experience and the funds needed to purchase my business at fair market value. 
......Jonathan S., Long Beach  

  • We can sell your business...

  • In Less Time

  • For More Money

  • With Less Aggravation !

The top reasons to let BIR Business Brokers sell your business starts with:

Free Consultation: At this meeting, the BIR Specialist will review the procedures for the sale of your company. You will be advised of all pertinent data necessary for the sale.


Experience: BIR has been established in business brokerage over 30 years with hundreds of millions of dollars in small business transactions.


Confidentiality: All transactions are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your business listing is confidentially placed on our Website - without name, location or sometimes even product or service information. 


Marketing and Advertising: our BIR Specialist will also develop and execute a customized marketing plan. After determining the appropriate market, your business will be selectively and discreetly advertised in specific publications or presented through other outlets.


Qualified Buyer Database: Your BIR Specialist will carefully screen all prospective buyers before they have access to any proprietary information about your company. A buyer's background, qualifications, experience, financial resources, and references will be examined. The buyer will also be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. We have hundreds of qualified buyers and bring only pre-qualified buyers to your business.


Transaction Structuring and Closing: Your BIR Specialist knows that price is only one factor in negotiating a sale. Through training and experience, our experts are fully qualified to lead these negotiations, offering assistance in such areas as creative financing, tax considerations, form of acquisition and many others. Your BIR Specialist is experienced in closing transactions. Your specialist will work both with you and with the buyer's lawyers, accountants, bankers and other professionals to insure that everything is appropriate for the transition to new ownership.


Multiple Offices: Once your business is ready to be marketed, its availability will be transmitted throughout the BIR Network. Through BIR's unique, computerized system, other offices will help find qualified buyers. The BIR Specialist's ability to access this network of offices allows for rapid and wide penetration of the market. No where else can your business get such extensive exposure.


Support: No Up-Front Fees - Business Analysis - Marketing Profiles - Free Consultation - Negotiation Expertise - Transaction Structuring.